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Product Navigation: Home > Okuma > Okuma Rods (Bass)
Price: $189.99 Approx. US Price: $134.89
Okuma Rods (Bass) (TCS Tournament Casting & Spinning)

The new Tournament Concept Series rods were designed with updated technologies to give anglers a key edge when out on the water. The Tournament Concept Series rods still feature the responsive and durable 30-ton carbon blank construction that has been proven worthy among top tournament anglers. These rods are sensitive and strong helping you to feel the lightest of bites as well as set the hook.

There are thirteen models in the Tournament Concept Series family. With four spinning and nine casting models, these technique specific rods have you covered on any application you should choose. The spinning models range from 6-foot 9-inches to 7-foot 2-inches and have posers from Medium Light to Medium. The casting models range from 6-foot 9-inches to 7-foot 11-inches and range from a Medium+ to Extra Heavy.

The component system on the Tournament Concept rods has been upgraded as well and feature Fuji K-Concept guide frames to help reduce wind knots as well as Fuji FAZ-Light guide inserts that offer premium performance and compatibility with braided lines. The customized C-40X carbon fiber skeleton reel seat is comfortable in your hand for all-day casting as well as eliminates contact with reel seat threads with the newly designed screw down foregrip.

Color Selection/Models
Tournament Concept TCS Casting Rods  
5 available for TCS-C-701M+
1 available for TCS-C-701MH
5 available for TCS-C-701Ha
0 available for TCS-C-731H Gone fishing, back in stock soon...
1 available for TCS-C-761H
Tournament Concept TCS Rods (CASTING 7'11" rods) $209.99  
1 available for TCS-C-7111MH
2 available for TCS-C-7111H
1 available for TCS-C-7111XH
Tournament Concept TCS Spinning Rods  
0 available for TCS-S-691M Gone fishing, back in stock soon...
0 available for TCS-S-701MLa Gone fishing, back in stock soon...
3 available for TCS-S-701M+
1 available for TCS-S-721ML
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More Information
Model Rod Power Rod Taper Rod Length Application/Technique Line Weight Lure Weight Sections Foregrip Length Number of Guides Weight (oz.)
Casting Rods                    
TCS-C-701M+ M+ M/MF 7'0" Crank/Jerkbait 8-15lb 3/8 - 3/4 1-pcs 1-1/4" 9+ Tip 4.6
TCS-C-701MH MH MF 7'0" All Purpose 8-20lb 3/16- 3/4 1pcs 1-1/4" 9+ Tip 4.6
TCS-C-701H H MF 7'0" Jig/Worm 12-20lb 3/16 - 1 1pcs 1-1/4" 9+ Tip 4.4
TCS-C-731H H F 7'3" Frog/Swimbait 17-65lb 1/4 - 2 1pcs 1-1/4" 9+ Tip 4.7
TCS-C-761H H MF/F 7'6" Flipping/Jig 14-30lb 1/4-1-1/2 1-pcs 1-1/4" 11+ Tip 5.4
TCS-C-711MH MH M/MF 7'11"

Power Crank

10-20lb 1/4-1 1-pcs 1-1/4" 12+ Tip 4.7
TCS-C-7111H H F 7'11" Flipping/Punching/Swimbait 15-65lb 1/4-2 1-pcs 1-1/4" 12+ Tip 5.5
TCS-C-7111XH XH F 7'11" Flipping/Punching/Swimbait/A-Rig 20-80lb 1/4-2oz 1-pcs 1-1/4" 12+ Tip 5.6
Spinning Rods                    
TCS-S-691M M+ MF 6'9" Wacky Worm/ Skipping 8-15lb 1/4-5/8 1-pcs 1-1/4" 7+ Tip 4.5
TCS-S-701ML ML MF/F 7'0" Drop Shot/ Finesse 4-10lb 1/8-1/2 1-pcs 1-1/4" 7+ Tip


TCS-S-701M+ M+ MF 7'0" Shakeyhead 8-12lb 1/8-1/2 1-pcs 1-1/4" 7+ Tip 4.6
TCS-S-721ML ML MF/F 7'2" Drop Shot/ Finesse 4-10lb 1/8-1/2 1-pcs 1-1/4" 7+ Tip 4.5