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Price: $4.49 Approx. US Price: $3.19
Yum (5" Dinger)

The Dinger became an instant bass fishing classic lure. One of the most versatile soft plastics on the market, the YUM Dinger can be Texas, Carolina and wacky rigged, weighted or weightless, and catches bass when other lures fail. This soft plastic bait presents a very subtle life-like action that even highly pressured fish can't resist. YUM Dingers have a unique hook slot that provides better hook-ups, and they’re tougher than similar baits – so you get more fish per bait than any other.
Color Selection/Models
* Please choose from the following  
12 available for Green Pumpkin Purple Flakes
3 available for Black Neon Silver
3 available for Ox Red Flakes
10 available for Bold Bluegill
13 available for Bubble Gum Yellow Swirl
6 available for Pearl Silver Flakes
5 available for Watermelon Pearl Lam
4 available for Onyx
3 available for Moter Oil Orange Flakes
7 available for Watermelon Seed
6 available for Melon Pie
4 available for Bama Magic
6 available for Smoke Red Pepper
7 available for Carolina Pumpkin Chartreuse
6 available for Bream
4 available for Black
5 available for Chartreuse Pepper
8 available for Watermelon Copper Red Flakes
6 available for Black Blue Lam
6 available for Morning Dawn
3 available for Cranberry
4 available for Watermelon Red Flakes
6 available for Cajun Neon
3 available for Pumpkin Pepper Green Flakes
8 available for Tin Foil
4 available for Black Blue Flakes
2 available for Copper Flash
11 available for Bumble Bee Swirl
9 available for Bubble Gum
2 available for Ozark Shadow
8 available for Green Pumpkin
7 available for Watermelon Candy
11 available for Sinful Shad
7 available for Green Pumpkin Chartreuse
3 available for Black Gold Flakes
3 available for Bama Bug
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Bama Bug

Bama Magic


Black Blue Flakes

Black Blue Lam

Black Gold Flakes

Black Neon Silver

Bold Bluegill


Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum Yellow Swirl

Bumblebee Swirl

Cajun Neon

Carolina Pumpkin Chartreuse

Chart Pepper

Copper Flash


Green Pumpkin

Green Pumpkin Chartreuse

Green Pumpkin Purple Flake

Melon Pie

Morning Dawn

Motor Oil Orange Flake


Ox Red Flake

Ozark Shadow

Pearl Silver Flake

Pumpkin Pepper Green Flake

Sinful Shad

Smoke Red Pepper

Tin Foil

Watermelon Candy

Watermelon Copper Red Flake

Watermelon Pearl Lam

Watermelon Red Flake

Watermelon Seed