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Strike King Buzz Bait (3/8oz KVD Toad Buzz)
This high-action topwater bass killer has been tweaked and fine-tuned by the master himself, until its size, weight, and profile are perfect according to his lofty standards. The combination of a surface-splitting wire-form buzzbait and Strike King's hard-kicking KVD Perfect Plastic Gurgle Toad is likely to prove just as deadly on your home water as in Kevin's tourney venues. Built with top-quality components throughout.
Price: $9.99 Approx. US Price: $7.09
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Strike King Buzz Bait (3/8 Tour Grade Buzzbait)
The Strike King Tour Grade Buzzbaits features premium components, including exclusive Gamakatsu hooks designed to maximize your hookup ratio. The sculpted, quick-planing head and the single rotating blade ensure the bait tracks perfectly straight and creates the necessary lift and water commotion to attract attention. Additionally, Strike King's exclusive Magic Skirt provides more action than typical skirts. The Tour Grade Buzzbaits from Strike King provide you with the quality and performance pro anglers require, giving you that extra edge in the water.
Price: $12.99 Approx. US Price: $9.22
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Strike King Spinner Bait (3/8oz Premier Plus)
The Strike KIng Premier plus features the exclusive Z-Man perfect skirt. The perfect skirt blooms wide and even, and the exclusive Magic Tail also serves as a trailer and provides extra action to the skirt. Each skirt is matched perfectly to the head of the bait for an appealing natural look. The premier plus also features Spin Eze® ball bearing swivels with 24k gold and or nickel plated blades. Attached with a flex bend spring tempered stainless steel wire to the beautifully painted head with Holographic 3D eyes. All Premier Plus blades also come with a pre-rigged Sabre point trailer hook, making this bait ready to fish right out of the package.
Price: $13.99 Approx. US Price: $9.93
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Strike King Spinnerbait (3/8oz Red Eyed Special)
The Strike King® Mini-King Redeyed Special Spinnerbait is a smaller, lighter version of the popular and productive Redeyed Special. Just what you need when targeting small bodies of water or shallow cover, the Mini-King sports a unique holographic decal for added flash and color. Classic large red eyes; hologram blade; premium silicone skirt.
Price: $9.99 Approx. US Price: $7.09
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Strike King Spinnerbait (1/2oz Premier Plus)
The Strike King® Premier Plus Spinnerbait features the advanced Perfect Skirt with Magic Tails which bloom wide and serve as a trailer, adding extra bulk and strike-tempting action right out of the package. Each Perfect Skirt closely matches the colors of the hand-sculpted baitfish-style head, create an appealing, natural look. Comes pre-rigged with a Sabre Point trailer hook. Double willow blades provide incredible flash and burn, giving you a great searchbait for aggressive bass.
Price: $13.99 Approx. US Price: $9.93
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