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Husky Jerk (HJ12)
Perfectly balanced, the Husky Jerk can be cast or trolled at any speed and still run true. The rattle chamber transmits sound waves that amplify through the water. Metallic, painted or glass patterns.

-Suspending/Neutral Buoyancy
-Loud Rattles
-Runs Straight and True
-Cast or Troll
-Premium VMC® Black Nickel Hooks
-Three Superior Finish Styles
-Hand Tuned & Tank Tested

HJ14 is 5-1/2" long
weighs 5/8 oz.
Three No. 4 treble hooks
Dive downs 4' - 8'

Price: $8.99 Approx. US Price: $6.2
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Shadow Rap Shad Jerkbait (SDRSD09 (Shallow or Deep))
Big fish can't resist the tantalizing, slow-rising action of new Shadow Rap Shad. Swimming with the infamous horizontal struggle with a vertical “rise” on pause, they perfectly mimic a shad in trouble. Larger profile presents more flash and the option to fish from a finesse to more aggressive retrieve. Tie one on and see what monsters are hiding in the darkness.

2 versions available.

Shadow Rap Shad:
-3.5 inches long at 3/8 oz.
-Swim. Depth is 3 to 4 feet with a slow rise

Shadow Rap Shad deep:
-3.5 inches long at 3/8 oz.
-Swim. Depth is 5 to 6 feet with a slow rise

Price: $11.99 Approx. US Price: $8.27
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Weedless Shad (WSD08)
A totally unique body design combined with a wire-guarded VMC® single hook on the back creates the first truly weedless hard bait. A hard paddle tail gives the lure a wobbling, tail-kicking action with very low resistance. Swims effortlessly through weeds without snagging or picking up trash. When allowed to drop on a tight line, the lure swims slowly down, drawing in bites.

-3 inches long
-9/16 oz.

Due to the Demand, some colors are not available and will not be in stock till May when Normark gets them in again.

Price: $11.99 Approx. US Price: $8.27
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