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Berkley Braid (X9)
Designed for longer casting distances and maximum strength, the Berkley X9 Braided Line Lo-Vis Green utilizes Berkley’s latest technologies to provide the smoothest and strongest braided line on the market at an affordable price. Featuring a 9-carrier construction with a PE core, the Berkley X9 Braided Line Lo-Vis Green is extremely round and smoothly flows through guides for increased casting distance. Its high strand construction also enhances wear resistance for fishing over rugged structure and provides higher knot strength. Finished in a stealthy lo-vis green color that is ideal for fishing in vegetation, the Berkley X9 Braided Line Lo-Vis Green offers advanced performance that won’t put a damper on your bank account.

Line pricing per spool: (165 yard spools)
10lb. to 50lb are $22.99 each
65lb. is $26.99
100lb. is $29.99

Price: $19.54 Approx. US Price: $15.86
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Berkley Braid (x5)
Berkley® x5 Braid is a conventional braid using 100% PE fibers. 4 stranded braids are popular and Berkley® x5 takes it to another level by adding an additional strand making x5 strong, reliable, and built to cut through weeds and vegetation.

Line Pricing per spool (165 yard spools)
10 lb to 50 lb is $19.99
65 lb is $20.99

- Designed for optimal strength and abrasion resistance.
- Fish confidently in thick vegetation and heavy cover.

Price: $16.99 Approx. US Price: $13.79
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Berkley Flicker Shad (Jointed Size 5)
Berkley® Flicker Shad® performance with an even more exaggerated action. The Flicker Shad® jointed models feature a jointed tail for added tail wag – resulting in the most side flash and roll out of any Flicker Shad®. Each bait is individually tank tested ensuring this proven all-purpose trolling bait works right out of the package.

- Size, profile, and dive depth imitate real shad
-Jointed construction for maximum rattle and roll action
-Features a slow rise
-Individually tank tested
-Equipped with sharp Fusion19™ hooks

Price: $5.94 Approx. US Price: $4.82
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